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Floral Foam Holder

UPC: 0004574421010 04574421010
Price 4.99, 6 for 27.00Retail 7.00
(Save 29%)

Floral Foam Holder

This floral cage is perfect for holding wet or dry floral foam, and stabilizing all sorts of floral arrangements. The Floral Foam Holder, pre-filled with Oasis® floral foam, can be used to secure flowers, candelabras, candles, or figurines. For a unique arrangement, place different bunches of flowers in each bracket, creating a rainbow of colors and textures. This piece is 4.25” by 6.75” by 3.25”, and contains almost ¾ of a standard-size brick. This is the larger cage in image above. Also available in smaller size. Can be secured to easels and candelabras using chenille stems or florist wire through the eyelets at each end of the holder.

4.99, 6 for 27.007.00
(Save 29%)

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