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Fiberfix Natural Cellulose Fixative

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Fiberfix Natural Cellulose Fixative

Fiberfix is 100% natural and non toxic. Each 1 lb. bag is 3 cups. Fiberfix is a Fixative for your potpourri, the material that absorbs and holds the scent of the fragrance oil. A good alternative to using Orris Root. Cellulose fiber fixative chips are the natural and safer. Orris Root can cause allergic reaction and possible skin irritations. Use it when you are adding a stronger or new scent to your potpourri. The fixative is what allows the fragrance of your potpourri to last and last. They can be used for a fixative for your home made potpourri, scented sachet bags, and scented tea bags. It is porous and absorbs and holds the scent of the fragrance oil longer It is 100% natural and non-toxic. Since it is not water soluble, the oils penetrate and the scent stays. Moisture from the air will not dissipate the scent.
Mix fragrance oil or essential oil in fiberfix and then add to your potpourri to retain scent longer. Using Fiberfix is easy. Place a 1/2-cup of Fiberfix in an air tight container , preferably glass . Drizzle the desired amount of oil over the fixative and stir it well. Usually less than 1/4 teaspoon of oil is more than enough to scent even 5 pounds of dry botanicals. Cover the container and allow 2 to 4 hours for the oil to absorb into the fixative. Once the oil has soaked in the fixative is ready to blend into the potpourri.

$2.99, 5/$8.00$4.00
(Save 25%)

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