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DIY: Make  Mitten & Snowmen Felt Tree Ornaments

DIY: Make Mitten & Snowmen Felt Tree Ornaments

DIY: Make  Mitten & Snowmen Felt Tree Ornaments

Wintertime Felt Ornaments

design: Deborah Milne


9" x 12" sheet of Royal Blue
9" x 12" sheet of White
Small scrap of Red
Small scrap of Orange
2 1/4" x 6 1/4" strip of White plush
Pearl cotton thread*:
(white) White
(310) Black
(798) Dark Delft Blue
(799) Medium Delft Blue
Needlepoint / Tapestry Needle*
Cotton Batting
Miscellaneous items: tracing paper, pencil, scissors, ruler, straight pins, fabric glue, powder blush, cotton swab


1. Transfer the patterns below and cut from the felt as indicated.
2. Cut a 1" x 12" strip from Denim Blue felt for the scarf.

1. Embroider straight stitches to form a 3/4" x 1" snowflake in the center of a mitten with White. Bring the needle up at the snowflake ends and down at the center, working in numerical sequence (see Figure a).
2. Whipstitch the mittens together with Dark Delft Blue. Leave the straight edge open and form a hanging loop in the top corner opposite the thumb.
3. Fold the 2 1/4" x 6 1/4" strip of White plush felt in half widthwise, right sides together. Hand sew the short ends with White, using a running stitch and 1/4" seam allowance.
4. Press the seam open with your fingers and trim any excess plush fibers.
5. Fold the edges of the cuff to meet at the center on the wrong side and glue. Squeeze the glue between the layers, pinching the felt to adhere. Press the cuff with your fingers to flatten and let the glue dry.
6. Turn the cuff right side out and place over the top of the mitten, letting it extend 1/4" above the felt. Rotate the cuff until the seam is at the back.
7. Extend the hanging loop above the mitten and glue the cuff in place.

1. Embroider the details on one felt snowman with Black as follows:

French knot: eyes, buttons
Straight stitch: V-shape mouth

2. Apply blush to the cheeks with a cotton swab.
3. Whipstitch the snowmen together. Begin at the neck and stitch around the bottom to the opposite edge. Stuff the body lightly with fiberfill and continue stitching until only a small opening remains. Stuff the head lightly and stitch closed.
4. Tie the scarf around the snowman's neck. Trim the scarf to the desired length and cut 1/2" deep slits in the ends for fringe. Glue the scarf ends to the snowman.
5. Glue the earmuffs, nose, and heart to the snowman (see photo).
6. Stitch through the center of the top of the head with Medium Delft Blue and knot the ends together to form a hanging loop.

CREATIVE OPTIONS Create a holiday garland filled with mittens. Make multiples without the hanging loop and attach them with small clothespins to jute. Decorate your gift packages all winter long with these crafty add-ons. Fashion a wreath for your front door by attaching three or four ornaments of each style and adding a bow. Slip money inside the mitten in place of a purchased money holder and mail it to a long-distance friend.