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Fortune Products Fantasia Fairy Lights 70 LED Curtain Light

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Fortune Products Fantasia Fairy Lights 70 LED Curtain Light

Fairy Lights Battery Operated LED Light Curtain - on silver wires. The beautiful Curtain Fairy Light is designed to create borders or to hang along edges creating a curtain of lights. It is comprised of 2 identical sections that can be separated in the center. This will make it possible to more closely fit the desired length needed for an application such as around a table top. With 70 lights, the hanging strands are approximately 27”, 11” and 15”, then repeat the sequence with 7” spacing between hanging strands and 4” spacing between the lights. Using a single strand, the length from the first hanging strand to last is approximately 39”. Using the complete double string the length from the first hanging strand to last is approximately 86”. Does not come with fabric curtain - just the tiny lights. See the other Fairy Light sets
20 LED fairy lights on 4' foot silver bendable wire
40 LED fairy lights on 4' silver bendable wires
90 LED fairy lights on 7' silver bendable wires
96 LED fairy lights on 8' silver bendable wires Super bright led (with a LED bluish tint) authentic fairylights and one of the tiniest bulbs available. The white LEDs are very tiny, just bigger than a grain of rice. The extra small diameter wire has been silver plated in a special process adding to the ambiance and light reflection. These lights are designed to be used in dry conditions. Do not immerse in water. Attached to the wire is a 10 foot lead in black cord that attaches to the battery pack- requires 3 D batteries (batteries not included). Which last up to 15 hours. The battery pack does not come with a cover on it. Best to tape it to a surface when using. (ex. under table) FYI: For plug in : As an option, these can also be powered with the ADAP-LLAS-1000 plug in regulated adapter set on 4.5V.M
You can easily shape these lights so they work great in tree centerpiece arrangements, costuming and anything you can imagine.

  • Includes 70 LEDs
  • Powered by 3 D batteries (not included)
  • 8 foot total length
  • The curtain's hanging strands are appr. 27”, 11” and 15”
  • 40 total strands
  • 4" spacing between lights
  • Lead wire is 42"
  • Item #: FFLC-70


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