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DIY Make a swag of eucalyptus & dried rose buds - Click to enlarge

DIY Make a swag of eucalyptus & dried rose buds

DIY Make a swag of eucalyptus & dried rose buds

How to make a Eucalyptus Swag

Use aromatic fresh, dried, or silk eucalyptus branches to make a swag.


Additional Supplies:


You can make a swag in just minutes using eucalyptus, rose boutons, baby's breath  and a raffia bow.

1. Gather 9 pieces of eucalyptus, with the tips all at one end, wire the stems together at the base. Do the same with the other 9 pieces of eucalyptus. 

2. Overlap the two wired ends of each bunch, facing the tips out in either direction. Wire the two bunches together. Cut a 3" piece of floral wire and bend it into a U shape. Bend the tips of the U forward and insert them into the back of the eucalyptus where the two bunches are wired together. This makes a small hanger for the swag. Secure the hanger in place by adding glue over it

.3. Make four loops with the raffia, creating a bow. Each loop should be about 1-1/2" and leave the excess as tails. Wire the bow to finish it and cut the wire to 1/2". Glue the bow to the center of the swag, in the front, where the two bunches overlap. The bow should cover the wires almost completely. Extend the tails out in either direction, following the line of the swag.

See the silk eucalyptus bushes & stems

4. Glue the rose boutons (dried rose buds) around the bow as shown in photograph. Glue the 3" caspia or baby's breath around the bow and down the sides to follow the eucalyptus. Glue the 1" pieces in among the roses in the bow.


Create a Christmas  Eucalyptus Swag 

You can spray paint your eucalyptus stems (fresh or silk) in gold or silver or leave natural color.

Add berries, branches, caspia, statice,silk roses and/or burgundy calla lilies.  Make a large bow with  holiday ribbon and place it in the center.   

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