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Glue E6000 | 3.7 oz

UPC: 0007681836401 07681836401
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Glue E6000 | 3.7 oz

This versatile adhesive can be used in a versatility of crafts or decorations. The EG000 Glue is tough and flexible, and can be used to adhere rhinestones, gems, buttons, shells, stones, cloth, and many other items to many different surfaces. This glue forms an immediate bond. It is washer and dryer safe, and can be used to create dazzling costumes or unique articles of clothing. This glue comes in a 3.7 oz tube. For more information, please see the Material Safety Data Sheet

  • When applied, the glue should stay between 70-85 degrees F; when cured, it can withstand temperatures between -40 – 150 degrees F
  • Removal recommendations: uncured EG000 can be cleaned by small amounts of Acetone, Tolulene or Naphtha; cured EG000 requires scraping or cutting away with a sharp knife or by the use of gasoline, lighter fluid, or lacquer thinner.
  • Use this product in a ventilated area

(Save 25%)

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