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The Original Cupcake Tree - Large Round (holds up to 300 cupcakes)

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The Original Cupcake Tree - Large Round (holds up to 300 cupcakes)

The Original Cupcake Tree (holds up to 300 cupcakes). 5 tiers and holds up to 300 standard sized cupcakes. The top tier is 10" in diameter and can hold a large cake. Size: 21" high - 34" wide (4" between discs) Cupcakes: 150 – 300 (200 with the bottom tier removed). Made of sturdy white corrugated cardboard covered in white paper. Some assembly required. Very easy assembly. Very sturdy. It was designed by an architect and features a slot and groove truss structure which evenly distributes the weight allowing you to place as many cupcakes as you wish in the tiers. The top tier can be used for any number of decorations such as floral arrangements and small cakes. The weight limit for the top tier is 20 lbs. Will hold between 50 and 300 cupcakes depending on how many tiers are used. For a large party, all five tiers plus the table top can hold 300-plus cupcakes and for a small event, 2 tiers will hold 50 cupcakes or less. The Cupcake Tree is a modular structure consisting of five discs and ten cross piece uprights. The discs have slots and the cross pieces have tabs which fit easily and securely into the slots. Average assembly time to be between five and ten minutes.
Top tier disc is 10" (8 cupcakes or a 5lb single cake)
Next tier is 16" (20 cupcakes)
Next tier is 22" (30 cupcakes)
Next tier is 28" (50 cupcakes)
Bottom tier is 34" (75 cupcakes)
If you eliminate the skirting on the bottom you can surround the lowest tier with another 50 cupcakes. Photo by Waldorf Photographic Art:
This cupcake tree is decorated with rolls of paper on each level. The cupcakes on this cupcake tree are mini cupcakes Design idea. Middle photo Photography, Town & Country, February 1999. Trim the edges with wood trims diamond mesh or rhinestone ribbon, birch bark or birch bark shavings or even el wire to trim the edges. If you are buying ribbon to trim the edges of this cupcake tree you will need 10 yards. Best to use UGlu Dashes to hold trim on the edges. Designed and made in USA. See the decorating kit for this cupcake tree

(Save 31%)

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