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DIY: Decorating the Petite Square Cupcake Tower

DIY: Decorating the  Petite Square Cupcake Tower

Decorating a Petite Square Cupcake Tower with velvet ribbon, wrapping paper and bouquet pins To decorate it, I used one sheet of wrapping paper, velvet ribbon and Uglue dashes . So here’s how to do it: I took the three tiers and covered the tops with wrapping paper. I used tacky glue to attach them. Traced, cut and taped.


Next I placed UGLU dashes on the edge of each tier and attached the velvet ribbon. Leaving a little ribbon at each corner to make a fold.

Next I taped the ribbon to the bottom of each tier. The corners were then folded inward. Cutting where it needed trimming. I taped an extra strip of ribbon on the bottom of each tier to keep the corners crisp. You may choose to decorate the corners with bouquet pins. They slip easily into the cardboard edge. This shows how I added the larger bouquet pins to the corners of the top two tiers

. I then put a strip of 1.5" wide chocolate velvet ribbon on the center post using UGlue dashes. For the top of center post I used 1.5" wide wired blue taffeta ribbon.

Now to put all three tiers together. Feel for the slots through the wrapping paper. Then use a scissor blade to cut a slit in that spot. Then carefully push a hole through so the center pieces fit through the wrapping paper to hold the tower together. Then just add the cupcakes. The top tier will hold a small cake, more cupcakes, or flowers. Total time: 1 hour. Total cost: +/- $30

Variations on the design: Use silk flower heads, millinery flowers. leaves and diamond tipped corsage pins to decorate your cupcake tree. Attach silk flower heads to the edges. This is the daisy I used in the photo. Use millinery stems to attach to the edges. Add tiny leaves
between the flowers and attach with glue. We used a stem of velvet forget-me-nots .