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Bouquet Jewelry Stems 11in | Pack of 12

UPC: 0065269568198 65269568198
Price $4.99, 3/$12.87Retail $7.00
(Save 29%)

Bouquet Jewelry Stems 11in | Pack of 12

Add sparkling light to your bouquets with these crystal cubes. The Bouquet Jewelry Stems will bring eye-catching glamor to your floral arrangements, and will compliment opulent surroundings. For a stunning display, incorporate these crystals into white rose bouquets for your bridesmaids, and wrap the bouquet stems with iridescent tulle or organza. These stems come in packs of 12, and measure 11” tall. The crystals atop are 10mm square.

$4.99, 3/$12.87$7.00
(Save 29%)

Customer Reviews



(4 Star) dorth
I have spent a LOT of time playing with these crystals so they will reflect. But they reflect differently at different times of the day. They pick up natural light best. I put 2 packs (24 stems) in a small bouquet of white flowers and they are noticeable if you look closely. I wanted something more dramatic, like you look at the arrangement and say "wow! Look at the sparkle". Maybe I need to play with them a little more. I think one of the main problems is that the stems are only 11", My vase is 9" so you just have to wedge the crystal stems in so they are above the flowers to reflect light. They are fun to experiment with though.

Add some sparkle to an arrangement


11" stems are too short

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