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Felt Squares White (Pack of 24)

UPC: 0041212205005 41212205005
Price $4.99, 3/$12.57Retail $7.20
(Save 31%)

Felt Squares White (Pack of 24)

Wonderful for sewing projects, the White Felt Squares will add texture to your artwork. This fabric can be cut into shapes and sewn to special clothing, such as funky hats or Christmas sweaters or whimsical hats, or can be made into backing for boutonnieres. For an adorable Valentine’s Day look, cut these squares into hearts and string on fish line, creating a lovely garland. These squares come in packs of 24, and each sheet measures 9.5” by 12”.

$4.99, 3/$12.57$7.20
(Save 31%)
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