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Craft Soil for Baskets, Pots and Vases

Craft Soil for Baskets, Pots and Vases
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Craft Soil for Baskets, Pots and Vases

Craftsoil Simulated Soil Kit. 10 cups of mix and SFS adhesive per kit. Safe and easy to use. Simulated Soil Give the look of real soil in floral arrangements, artificial plants, baskets, pots, artificial trees. Craft soil is a great way to give silk trees and floral arrangements a more "lifelike" look. Using our high grade soil mix, SFS adhesive and water, in minutes you can create a soil mixture that looks real. Over 24 hours, the adhesive will cure, making the soil hard and permanent. When using craft soil as a simulated soil for silk floral or trees, we recommend quick arrange as the floral mounting foam in pots, vases and baskets. Craft soil is great for craft projects such as dioramas, train set landscapes, and more. The possibilities are endless. Great to use in decor displays where the look of real dirt is needed.

  • Sets in 24 hours
  • Use for dioramas, train set landscapes
  • Perfect for baskets, pots, and vases

(Save 50%)

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