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Eco Friendly Wedding Confetti White 4qt

UPC: 0089425300345 89425300345
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Eco Friendly Wedding Confetti White 4qt

Resembling pure, white snowflakes, this Eco Friendly Wedding Confetti is the perfect way to send off the bride and groom, and leave the environment unharmed. This confetti is completely biodegradable, water soluble, and it does not pose harm to birds and animals. It can also make a very lovely decoration. This package of confetti will fill 16 Paper Petal Cones for wedding guests to shower the newlyweds with. The packaged bag measures 12” tall, 6” wide, and 3.5” thick, containing about 4 quarts by volume. See all petal cones . Also available in blue & peach.

(Save 60%)

Customer Reviews

Rhonda B
Dallas Texas

Let it Snow

(5 Star) Rhonda B
this snow is awesome, the picture afterward were great with snow on the bride and groom's head. The snow will show up in going away pictures. I plan to use snow for my second daughters winter wedding.
MIka McDaniel

Wedding Snow Confetti

(5 Star) MIka McDaniel
I ordered the biodegradable snow confetti because our wedding venue will not allow us to throw bird seed, rice, or anything else that is not biodegradable. As soon as it came in I put water on a small amount and it dissolved into nothing, so it's going to be great plus we'll use it for decor since we're having a December wedding. The down side is we did not order enough even though we went by the website in deciding the quantity needed. (We need 200 small 5" cones filled about half full - one bag would fill approximately 50 bags half full.) The price is great for the confetti so I didn't mind ordering more I just did not want to pay for additional shipping. I emailed saveoncrafts and they quickly sent me out the additional confetti I needed at NO COST - not even shipping! Great customer service and a great product!!

Biodegradable product

Winter Springs, Florida


(5 Star) Karole
What to do? We didn't want bubbles, and they don't let you do rice or confetti. The wedding was just 4 days before Christmas (in Florida) - and VOILA - the solution! I tested the "snowflake/confetti" at home and it did dissolve, as advertised, when it got wet. It didn't dissolve quite as quickly as I had expected on the dew-laden grass, but I figured we'd give it a shot. Worse-case scenario we'd bring out some water and hose it down (so I didn't lose my deposit :). Well, we threw it, the photos were incredibly awesome, and I didn't even have to clean up. (AND I got my deposit back :)). I'm about to order more now to use at a work function for the employees' kids who will be coming to watch Frozen- surprise to them right in the middle of the movie when it starts "snowing" on them! Can't wait!

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