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Large 24" Glass Clarinet Garnier Vase

UPC: 0084230603321 84230603321
Price 52.00Retail 81.00
(Save 36%)

Large 24" Glass Clarinet Garnier Vase

Gorgeously curved glass creates a soft, warm shape for this multi-purposed Glass Clarinet Vase. With two belled openings, either end of the glass vase can be used to cradle your arrangements. The taller bell is ideal for displaying larger, longer flowers or bouquets, while the shorter bell can be used to hold smaller bunches. Whichever way you decide to use this piece, the bottom bell can showcase smaller decorations, as shown in the image below. This vase stands at 24” tall and 9” wide. The larger bell opens to 9” in diameter, and the smaller to 8”.

(Save 36%)

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