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DIY: Make a Christmas Rose Wreath - Click to enlarge

DIY: Make a Christmas Rose Wreath

DIY: Make a Christmas Rose Wreath

Christmas Rose Wreath

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This wreath works as a candle ring too. Place a small plate on your table and then set the wreath on top of it -Fluff the wreath outer edges down  toward the tabletop. Fill the center with pillar candles of different sizes. This is an easy wreath decoration project. 

We used a cedar wreath for this project. The longer the stems the more formal the wreath will look. You can add long-needled pine sprigs to an artificial wreath to get this look.

It is easier to see your work if you hang the wreath up in front of you (rather than working on a table).

     Cut your stems to measure 3" long. Separate the stems from the miniature white rose bouquet and cut each. 

Lay all your flowers out in groups.



     Place your roses around the wreath in the pattern shown in the illustration.  Scatter your gypsophila around the wreath until you get the look you want.  

Hint:   Your three larger white roses should be evenly spaced. Surround your larger white roses with the smaller red rose buds. Place a few rose buds on the inside rim.

 Glue your roses and gypsophila onto the artificial wreath.  Let dry overnight


Make a floral bow (see instructions on making a floral bow). Be sure to clip your ribbons tails in a "v".  Place it in the upper right edge of the wreath (as shown in photo)

 For fire safety reasons "Do not add the ribbon to the wreath if you are using it as a candle ring." 

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