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DIY make a Christmas Basket Ornament

DIY make a Christmas Basket Ornament

DIY make a Christmas Basket Ornament

How to make a Miniature Christmas Basket Ornament

1 Willow Basket, 3" Diameter
14" Artificial or fresh Pine Garland
21 Tinyh Cones
8 Cinnamon Sticks, 2" Lengths
36 Red Eucalyptus Bells
4 Gold Curly Pods
Rose Petals Additional Supplies:


1. Glue the pine all around the rim of the basket, covering it completely.

2. Glue clusters of 3 or more tiny cones, about an inch apart, all around the basket.

3. Glue a cinnamon stick or two between each cone cluster.

4. Fill in all around the other materials with the eucalyptus bells and gold curly pods. Cluster some and use others to fill in empty spaces.

5. Fill the basket with red rose petals. You could also fill it with candy, homemade treats or any other small gift. Tie a ribbon to the handle and hang the whole thing as an ornament on the Christmas tree or use for favors at a holiday dinner.

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