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White Candelabra with Hanging Crystals (Set of 2)

UPC: 0066183832462 66183832462
Price 77.00Retail 140.00
(Save 45%)

White Candelabra with Hanging Crystals (Set of 2)

Display your candles in vintage splendor with the White Candelabra with Hanging Crystals. Its elaborate, metal frame and ornate, hanging crystals bring regality and luxury to its environment. Surround this candleholder with antique ornaments or jeweled decorations to create an eye-catching centerpiece at a wedding reception. This piece is 36” tall and 14” wide. The base is 7.75” wide. The base holds up 3.25” wide candles. The hanging crystals range in size from .5” to .75” wide and .5” to 1.75” tall. The candles are sold separately.

(Save 45%)
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