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DIY Make a Bucket of Snowballs   - Click to enlarge

DIY Make a Bucket of Snowballs

DIY Make a Bucket of Snowballs

How to make a bucket of snowballs with Styrofoam balls and quilt batting. 


  • Styrofoam balls
  • Quilt or Craft Batting
  • Colorfill "Diamond Vase Filler
  • Tacky Glue 



    • Cut a circle from the batting large enough to wrap around your Styrofoam ball.
    • Brush a generous amount of tacky glue on the Styrofoam ball
    • Wrap the batting around the ball, trimming off any excess. Don't worry about making the batting perfectly smooth, as the imperfections will make your snowballs look more realistic.
    • Allow to dry thoroughly.
    • Pour Colorfill "Diamond" into a shallow bowl
    • Brush generous amount of glue on the top of the batting.
    • Dip the ball into the pellets and press to adhere them.
    • Repeat until the entire ball is covered with pellets. Allow to dry overnight.

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