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DIY ; Make Lavender & Buckwheat Hull Pillows

DIY ; Make Lavender & Buckwheat Hull  Pillows

Make a relaxing pillow filled with Organic Buckwheat Hulls & Fragrant Lavender like the ones used in resort spas. Start with a 2 lbs. of buckwheat hulls, a few cups of lavender and a cotton pillow case. Fill the pillow case with enough buckwheat hulls for the size pillow you want, leaving just enough space for the hulls to move so the pillow is malleable. 

Two pounds of buckwheat hulls will make a spa size pillow. If you want to make a larger pillow you will need 5-8 lbs.  One lb. of buckwheat hulls = 24 cups.   I added 3 cups of lavender for the spa size pillow (which is 1/4 of a standard pillow case).

Turn under the opening - pin open edges together and whip-stitch the pillow closed. Then use a sewing machine or hand stitch the pillow opening closed.

Satin Covered Buckwheat Pillow

You can place another pillow case or a decorative cover over it.


Make a Keyboard Wrist Support- Buckwheat is also great for wrist rests.  An all natural wrist rest for use with your keyboard. Cover them in flannel or satin - they make great gifts.  

Or use a soft cotton tube sock and fill it with buckwheat hulls and lavender and then just tie the end closed with a knot.  


The Japanese have been sleeping on buckwheat hull pillows and mats for centuries.

If you haven’t yet tried a buckwheat hull pillow- you really must.  They are extremely comfortable. Buckwheat keeps your neck in alignment and reduces tension. Buckwheat maintains a stable form, so that once you achieve a comfortable position your muscles don't have to work and you are able to stay there effortlessly, with the support you need for a great nights sleep.