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Aleene's Stiffen Quick Spray (Bow, Ribbon & Fabric Stiffener) 8 oz

UPC: 0001775415581 01775415581
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Aleene's Stiffen Quick Spray (Bow, Ribbon & Fabric Stiffener) 8 oz

Aleene's Stiffen-Quick Spray (Bow, Ribbon & Fabric Stiffener) 8 oz. When you want to stiffen a fabric or ribbon in a hurry, this unique product provides instant stiffness in a convenient spray.
Repeat application for desired stiffness, or wash it out for cleaning and reshaping. Dries clear. Recommended for: Bows, laces, ribbons, fabric, doilies, crochet work. A spray fabric stiffener that allows control of the stiffness of your project. The more coats you spray on, the stiffer the project becomes. It dries clear and can be washed out with hot water and detergent. 8 oz size

$3.99, 3/$9.00$4.99
(Save 20%)

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