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Glass Bell Jar Domes (Set of 2)

UPC: 0087260261018 87260261018
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Glass Bell Jar Domes (Set of 2)

As if showcasing a delicate work of art, use these bell jars to display candles, ornaments, floral arrangements, or potted plants and succulents. Create magical centerpieces, and keep the contents safe from rain or wind with these delicately shaped vases. The glass bell jar domes come in a set of two. The larger dome measures 15-3/4" tall by 9” wide, and the smaller bell jar measures 11-1/2” tall by 7-1/8” wide.

(Save 33%)

Customer Reviews


Not what I had hoped for

(2 Star) Jen
Aside from my apparent inability to do basic math (these were WAY bigger than I had in mind, but that's my own fault), I did not love these. They only appear "straight" from one direction - from all other angles they look completely wonky. If you were going to put them up against something so you only saw them head on, maybe they would work for you. If you were going to put them in the center of your dining table, maybe not so much.

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