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Planter Boxes Rustic Barnwood 12" x 4"

Planter Boxes Rustic Barnwood 12" x 4"

Planter Boxes Rustic Barnwood 12" x 4"

Planter Boxes Rustic Barnwood 12" x 4"
UPC: 0040099906524 40099906524
Price $11.00, 3/$30.00Retail $18.00
(Save 39%)

Planter Boxes Rustic Barnwood 12" x 4"

Create a rustic theme with this wood planter box. These planters are handmade using solid wood and are stained dark for an aged appearance. Use with floral foam to create an attractive floral centerpiece.

  • Overall the rustic planter box measures 3.5" tall, 4" wide, and 12" long
  • Made in the USA

$11.00, 3/$30.00$18.00
(Save 39%)

Customer Reviews


(4 Star) yuliya
I didn't have the smelly problem. They smell like wood .... the only thing is when it says 4 inches wide I thought that was the inside , I anticipated it to be bit wider other wise they are great need to order more

A little narrow


Be warned

(1 Star) Alicia
I bought 12 of these planter boxes, to fill with succulents for an office redesign. Here's the thing, they smell BAD. Everything about them was fine, except the smell of the stain they used to give it that rustic look. We had them inside for 30 minutes, just unpacking them, before everyone got terrible headaches from the smell. So we aired them out; first in the garage, but when they smelled up the entire garage, we moved them outside. We aired them out for a month! And they never stopped smelling. So we had to pull apart the boxes and sand them down and reassemble them. It would have been much quicker and cheaper to build these ourselves from lumber. Because they STILL smell, we will have to use a stain blocking primer and paint them. This is completely ridiculous, because we wanted the wood look. I have never said this before, but please do not buy these. Get the ones without the stain instead.

They look like the picture. They are built well.


They stink! As is, you will never be able to have these inside.

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