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DIY: Decorating Baskets: Ideas Projects  Flower Girls - Click to enlarge

DIY: Decorating Baskets: Ideas Projects Flower Girls

DIY: Decorating Baskets: Ideas Projects  Flower Girls

Decorate a basket to hold your pressed flower cones, confetti, or favors.

Willow Basket
3 yards of ribbon cut into yard lengths.

glue gun

Use the glue gun and place a few drops of hot glue every 4 inches on the handle. Make a knot on the end of the first length of ribbon. Start at the base of the handle and pull the first length of ribbon through the weave in the basket . Pull from inside out. You will be leaving the knot on the end inside the basket. Start wrapping around the handle being sure to press lightly where the glue is. You do not want it bleed through the ribbon. When you get to the other end pull the ribbon through the basket weave (from outside to inside)and make another knot. Take your other length of ribbon and follow the same direction as the first. Tie the end pieces to each knot.

Tie a bow with one yard length of ribbon and attach to base of the handle. Trim the ends.