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Demitasse Swizzle Sticks Amber Gourmet (100 pieces)

UPC: 0001116705320 01116705320
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Demitasse Swizzle Sticks Amber Gourmet (100 pieces)

Demitasse Swizzle Sticks Amber Gourmet (100 pieces). 100 swizzle sticks
individually wrapped
4.5" long x 5/8" wide Always fresh Amber Rock Candy Demitasse Sticks are an elegant alternative to ordinary table sugar, used to sweeten and garnish coffee, latte, espresso, cappuccino and tea. Create a memorable finish to meals with a coffee served with demitasse sticks. Candy sugar imparts a smooth, more "cordial" sweetness to after dinner coffees and teas. Demitasse sugar sticks (rock candy) are the product of the further refining by re-crystallization of pure cane sugar. Also available in:
pure cane sugar demitasse 10 pack
pure cane sugar demitasse stick in 100 per box
amber swizzle sticks 10 pack
assorted colors/flavors rock candy sticks in a 10 pack And they make great candy treats. Made in USA.

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